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Flat Panel Displays

 Technische Universität Chemnitz
Description: These thin Flat Panel Displays offer users many advantages over the bulky, power-hungry cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors that are most common today. FPDs emit less radiation, produce less screen flicker and consume less power. They also take up less space, allowing for a more comfortable work environment. So why isn't everyone using Flat Panel Displays? One reason is cost. FPDs are between three and four times more expensive than CRT monitors and will most likely be so for the next few years. Another reason is the lack of standards. There are currently a number of ways to send information from the computer to the FPD, and until this issue is resolved, consumers will be reluctant to make the switch.
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Flat Panel
When talking about computer monitors, the word on
the street is that thin is in. For example, at this year’s
Comdex Fall '98, the computer industry's largest
North American tradeshow, every single monitor
company was demonstrating the benefits of the new
Flat Panel Display (FPD) technology.

The liquid crystals contain transparent, organic
polymers that respond when volta ... See more

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