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GLOBALFOUNDRIES's new leadership . . . a foundry perspective from Ajit Manocha (video)

 Ajit Manocha     GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.
  10422      Sep 12, 2011
The GLOBALFOUNDRIES board installed new leadership to accelerate their ability to deliver to customers what they want: more capacity, faster technology development and greater agility. Do they have the right vision, the right plan and the right team to execute on their strategy? They have achieved considerable business momentum, particularly over the last few months. Customers want them to succeed as evidenced by their support and turnout at GTC 2011.

In this video, we talk to Ajit Manocha, CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, about the company’s accomplishments, plans, and vision. They were the first foundry to achieve volume production of 28/32nm HKMG semiconductors, beating the world’s leaders. They’ve added some of the world’s top fabless companies to their customer roster, which is now greater than 150. Find out about the importance of customer centricity in the foundry business and how Ajit approaches it. I ask how they did this and delve into the issues of running a semiconductor business with major fab operations on three different continents. This includes the cultural transformation of IDM to foundry in Dresden and what it takes to pull it off.


Ajit Manocha, CEO, is a semiconductor industry executive. Until recently, he was Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations and a member of the Executive Management Board at Spansion. At Spansion, Manocha managed global integrated circuit manufacturing, supply chain management and purchasing for its semiconductor division.

Manocha has also worked at AT&T Microelectronics and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Manocha began his career as a Research Scientist and was granted over a dozen U.S. and international patents for several novel inventions in the field of technology for microelectronics, including one for Anistropic etching that is a "process for treating patterned Very-large-scale integration lithographic masks to retain their shape during processing of VLSI wafers".

Manocha currently serves on the Board of Directors for SVTC Technologies and Signet Solar. He has previously sat on the boards of International Sematech, the Crolles Alliance, ASMC and has also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of SSMC in Singapore. He holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Delhi and a master's degree in physical chemistry from Kansas State University.
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