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Multiple Intelligences Test is a test which helps to gauge the interest and inclination of students at a young age and helps them become aware of the many options of employment that are available to them which correspond to their interest and skills. It gives equal importance to the various kinds of intelligence, each of which represents a different way of processing information and learning style. They are namely: Melodic, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spatial, Visual, Interpersonal, Naturalistic. The test would help you to understand your inclinations and will further help you to work towards it.

Extramarks is such an application which helps the students move beyond the traditional way of studying and gives them a nuanced understanding of the subject matter. This is achieved by the manner in which the text is presented. To begin with, the text is divided as per different classes and then further subsequently divided into smaller modules that make the subject very clear to the students. The text is not presented in a drab manner but is backed up with videos that help one comprehend the text in a more engaging manner.

For instance, Extramarks has an entire section on topics where all the possible topics that are concerned with the examination are covered. Extramarks uses the method of Learn, Practice and Test where in the first section (Learn), the subject matter is explained using the aid of text and videos. In the second section (Practice), the reader is encouraged to apply the concepts that one has already engaged with and in the very last module (Test), the reader is encouraged to undertake online tests which help the reader to understand the manner in which one is grasping the subject matter.

Extramarks is your one-stop destination for an application where words come alive and are rendered new meanings. The manner in which Extramarks is modelled is based on student psychology and hence makes sure that the way in which the text is presented is useful to the students. Extramarks also encourages students to have fun which they engage in education and does so by options like Group Study where a student can interact with other fellow students and garner knowledge.

The MIT package are as follows:

Rupees 500 for MIT Test

Rupees 650 for MIT Test and Tele Counseling

Rupees 850 for MIT Test and Face to Face Counseling

Visit Extramarks for more information.

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