Identity Theft are Increasing

 Manjesh Singh

In a case of Wallet Lost, you would want to cancel the lost credit cards.

``But the key is having the toll-free numbers and your card numbers handy,''.

So you should keep these numbers in a safe place at home.

Next, file a police report.

Then call the three national credit reporting agencies and place a fraud alert on your name and Social Security number. The numbers are Equifax, (800) 525-6285; Experian, (800) 397-3742; and Trans Union, (800) 680-7289. Also, call the Social Security Administration fraud line at (800) 269-0271.

Here are some more tips to avoid Identity Theft problems:

• The next time you order checks, have only your initials printed instead of your name. This way, a thief will not know if you sign your name or initials, but the bank should know.

• Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, write, ``PHOTO ID REQUIRED.''

• When you pay by check, do not put the entire account number on the ``for'' line. Just put the last four numbers.

• Put your work phone number on your checks instead of your home phone. If you have a post office box, use that address instead of your home.

• Never have your Social Security number printed on your checks.

• Make photo copies of the contents of your wallet. That way, you know what you lost and you have the numbers and necessary phone numbers to report your lost credit cards.

If you get an email or pop-up message that asks for personal or financial information, do not reply. And don’t click on the link in the message, either.

Don’t email personal or financial information. Since Emails typically are not encrypted.

Finally, to avoid this kind of problem, protect your personal information.

Don't be afraid to ask people why they are asking for this information. Don't let go of your personal information easily. Some people and organizations still don't understand this problem.

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27 January, 2017
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