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Innovate or Die: How semiconductor industry innovation drives its business model

 G. Dan Hutcheson
Description: A unique facet of semiconductor industry innovation is that it occurs with a emergent behavior model. It is not about a few people behind the closed doors of a corporate research lab. The difference is how chip makers can innovate to a clock in very close cadence. This presentation was used to kick off a SEMI ISS 'silicon magic CxO' panel I ran on what it takes to practically transition a new technology to manufacturing and through its yield ramp. The panelists were Jack Sun of TSMC, Mark Bohr of Intel, Nobu Koshiba of JSR, Geoff Yeap of Qualcomm, and Dave Hemker, Lam Research. All agreed that Moore's Law is far from dead. There’s no magic in it for these execs: they have to make finFETs yield today while rolling 10nm and 7nm processes down the gangway from pathfinding into development. It is a task that has consumed many at prior nodes. They have closed their doors on Moore’s Law. These panelists are the champions who won at these nodes and will keep moving down the scaling path. They will do this with a combination of their own internal excellence and an unparalleled ability to partner with others to align a global base of researchers and engineers — all towards hitting a specific ramp date that is exactly two years after the last one. Unfortunately you can't read their talks. But you can always attend next year, which I highly recommend.
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Silicon Magic:
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G. Dan Hutcheson
17 January, 2017
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24 August, 2016

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