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Innovations Driving Demand for Storage and Performance

 Chris Chute
Description: Innovation Drives Rapid Changes in Device Adoption- U.S. Household Penetration: The introduction of the sub-$1000 DSLR results in 3x DSLR household penetration in 1 year, The introduction of the first mobile phone camera results in growth for compact cameras amongst market-majority consumers, The introduction of the first iPhone results in 2x smartphone household penetration in one year. Social Networking, Living Images Driving Connected Photography. Connected Photography Will Drive Edge Storage Performance. Consumer Tablet Usage Revolves Around Paid and User Generated Imaging. Essential Guidance- Innovation and consumerization are linked: 4K, then 6 and 8K multimedia is the future of user generated and production content, Computational photography, video-centric capture will drive demand for “living images”, Mobile-First is not a design choice but a requirement, Innovation is also about location: Content creation and consumption will increasingly occur at the network edge, The role of local storage will grow as tablets and phones become hubs for data generated from wearable devices: Faster read-write speeds needed to keep up with larger volume of data.
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Contributing Organization: Flash Memory Summit
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Imaging Innovations Driving Demand for
Storage and Performance
Chris Chute
Director, Global Imaging Practice

Flash Memory Summit 2014
Santa Clara, CA


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Innovation Drives Rapid Changes in Device
First iPhone



U.S. Household Penetration


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