Ionix Advanced Technologies Launches New High Temperature Capable Ultrasound Inducer for Oil & Gas

 Nicola Mills

A new high temperature capable ultrasound inducer, HotSenseᵀᴹ, has been launched and is ready to buy from UK based piezoelectric materials company, Ionix Advanced Technologies. It is designed for the Oil & Gas industries, as well as other markets that require thickness monitoring and crack detection for pipelines.

Ionix Advanced Technologies is a company specialising in a variety of proprietary high performance piezoelectric materials (such as sensors, actuators and transducers) that can operate in the most extreme and high pressure environments. Their products are designed for the Refining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Nuclear, Aerospace and Process industries, and they aim to deliver high performance technologies that have not been available to these markets before due the hostile temperatures of their plants. Targeting industry sectors that were unable to access existing piezoelectric systems due severe temperature conditions.

The new HotSenseᵀᴹ product, is a revolutionary high temperature capable ultrasound transducer designed to withstand a temperature range of -40°C to +380°C. Featuring probes built with high levels of stability for both hot and cold extremities, delivering internal temperature compensation and calibration which helps plants gather accurate measurements of their machinery. The HotSenseᵀᴹ inducer is capable of continuous thickness measurement as well as crack monitoring, and can be easily attached direct-to-pipe under insulation without the need for cooling or duty cycling.

With this new advanced inducer, companies can now boost their measurement and monitoring capabilities. Not only that, but the product can also minimise workplace risk and maximise safety for workers in the industry. All whilst creating a cost effective maintenance and repair solution for businesses, saving both time and money by detecting problems successfully.

Recently, the company released a video showing the strength of their HPZ piezoelectric materials in relation to conventional Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) in the market.

The products at from the HotSenseᵀᴹ range have been put through rigorous testing, and results of in-house tests reveal that their HPZ piezoelectric materials are able to perform at a rate that is 2.5 times more effective than conventional materials used in the market today (such as PZT / Lead Zirconate Titanate). When trialled side by side with PZT in a four point bend test, Ionix’s HPZ piezoelectric material took on a level of 0.5% strain to failure, whilst PTZ snapped and failed at 0.21%. This means that sensors and actuators from Ionix are capable of operating in extreme environments, withstanding stresses of over 500MPa as well as temperatures up to 450oC.

This new advancement in technology will reshape the associated industries, providing an answer to the previous limitations of PZT (such as slow operating temperature and yield stress, high lead content, and mechanical friability). With labs based at the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Ionix Advanced Technologies focuses on tailoring materials for high temperature capable, high strength and radiation optimisation. Making products that are heat, cold and radiation resistant for industrial application.

The company appointed a new CEO, David Astles in 2017 and later that year, they were able to secure a funding award from Innovate UK, as well as a further £2 million from local businesses such as ParkWalk, IP Group plc, the University of Leeds and private sources. Ionix was also able to achieve ISO9001 certification for their Quality Management System in September, 2017.

CEO, David Astles commented: “We are delighted to have achieved this important certification, as it signals the continued evolution of our capabilities to supply a wide range of high quality products and services to demanding global markets. The sectors we are looking to serve require us to demonstrate high levels of excellence and continued improvement in everything we do.”

HotSenseᵀᴹ products (continuous monitoring transducers, NDT inspection transducers and flow transducers) are now available from Ionix Advanced Technologies Limited.

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