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"Level II" Enhancement of PreCyber eBook Conversions

 Don Lancaster
Description: Adobe's Acrobat X does an incredible job of converting scanned text into viable PDF eBook files. But it does have some obvious and glaring shortcomings. My Gonzo Utilities can make a "second pass" at eBooks, resulting in files 6:1 shorter, dramatic improvement in text and graphics appearance, searchability expanded and preserved, cleaner prepress, and other value added web features.
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Contributing Organization: Tinaja
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"Level II" Enhancement of PreCyber eBook Conversions
Don Lancaster Synergetics, Box 809, Thatcher, AZ 85552 copyright c2011 pub 1/11 as GuruGram #117 http://www.tinaja.com don@tinaja.com (928) 428-4073

e looked at much that is involved in remastering a classic precyber book for web eBook distribution back in GuruGram #115. And details on how to improve any worn or scuffed covers here in GuruGram ... See more
Don Lancaster
22 November, 2018
10 June, 2014
Don Lancaster
20 March, 2014