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LPTS Display Technology and LCD Production Capacity

 Akio Takimoto Ph.D.
Description: Transistor Tech. Comparison (BL Power Consumption):- LTPS realizes high resolution, low power consumption: Since a large aperture ratio enables more use of light power consumption can be lower (or brightness enhanced). Evolution of Productivity (Mother Glass Size): No. of transistors (FHD) 6.22mn pixels per smart-phone x 320 units = 2bn transistors. Processing accuracy Long side of substrate: approx. 1.8m Processing accuracy: several μm Substrate accuracy = 1ppm.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Displays
Contributing Organization: Japan Display Inc
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JDI’s Business and Core
Display Technology

Akio Takimoto, Ph.D.
Division Manager
Research and Development Center
January 22, 2016

• Market Trend and JDI’s Business Development
• JDI’s Core Strategy
• Technology Strategy

Core Display Technology: LTPS
Automotive Electronics
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