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Measure of Pressure and Gas Composition in Vacuum Cavities

 Fabrizio Siviero
Description: Vacuum requirements for Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, Q-factor dependence on internal atmosphere pressure and composition, the getter is a Zr based alloy that can chemically absorb harmful gases inside any hermetically sealed package, and Outgassing modeling. Getter film for MEMS Wafer Level Packaging (lithography), Residual Gas Analysis on MEMS, RGA: experimental apparatus, process analysis and experimental issues.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
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Measure of pressure and gas composition in sub-cubic millimetre vacuum cavities

Fabrizio Siviero, A. Bonucci, A. Conte, A. Renzo and M. Moraja SAES Getters R&D Labs, Lainate (Milano)

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Vacuum requirements for MEMS: link to Q-factor SAES approach :
Getter technology for MEMS packages Residual Gas Analyses (RGA) Outgassing characterization and modelling

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