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Memory Markets: What to Expect in 2015

 Jim Handy
Description: Now Entering a Time of Change- Historical behaviors no longer followed: Typical memory “Boom/Bust” cycle is investment driven, Profits aren’t driving CapEx as they always have in the past. Major technology shifts underway- NAND: Planar → Hi-k → 3D, SSDs: SLC → MLC → TLC → 3D, Systems: HDD → SSD → PCIe → M/B Flash, After all this, there’s the next memory tech. NAND & DRAM Pricing Moves, IOPS Survey Application Breakdown- Mail server and mail storage, Archiving and backup, Video Creation or Distribution, Cloud storage or services, Scientific or Engineering. Summary- The changes are changing: Not the same cycles we have had in the past, Flash stall will cause complacency. SSDs are a moving target- Fast-growing market, Makers need to be adept, Understand customers’ IOPS requirements, There has never been a more “Interesting” time.
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What to Expect in
Jim Handy


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Now Entering a Time of Change
• Historical behaviors no longer followed
– Typical memory “Boom/Bust” cycle is
investment driven
– Profits aren’t driving CapEx as they always
have i ... See more

Tomorrow’s Memories: A Cost Game

Change is Coming: Scaling limits require new approaches, Revolutionary changes cause delays, Costs dictate market changes, Nothing moves as quickly as expected. Planar NAND Issues:

Jim Handy
04 December, 2015

What's Changing In NAND Flash And What Isn't

NAND Gigabyte Demand:Yesterday-Cannibalizing established markets:Photo film,Floppy disks,CDs,Video tape,DVDs, Very rapid growth; Today & Tomorrow-Creating new markets: Smart phone

Jim Handy
09 October, 2015

Flash: Top Ten Things You Need to Know

This Year’s Top Ten- Data center flash growth stays strong, NAND prices will crash in mid-2015, Controllers will grow to enable TLC in the enterprise, NAND-aware software will be a

Jim Handy
10 February, 2015