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Micro-Transfer-Printing For Flexible Passive Matrix Displays Based On Inorganic Leds

 Antonio Jose Trindade PhD
Description: Rate dependent adhesion: - If you place the stamp on the layer of chips and peel it off quickly the chips adhere to the stamp. Impress the stamp on the target substrate and peel it off slowly, the chips adhere to the target. Precise device transfer: from dense to dispersed arrays- Form undercut microdevices, anchored at endpoints, Transfer them to a target substrate by elastomer stamp printing, Interconnect to form systems.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Displays
Contributing Organization: SEMICON Europa
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Micro-Transfer-Printing for Flexible Passive
Matrix Displays based on Inorganic LEDs
António José Trindade, PhD


• Introduction
• Micro-Transfer-Printing
• Print-compatible microdevices
• Passive Matrix Flexible Displays
• Summary

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