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NXP’s strategy towards High Performance Mixed Signal

 Hans Rijns
Description: NXP’s strategy towards High Performance Mixed Signal. Innovations in contactless automatic fare collection systems, solar systems are discussed. Innovation is the basis of the knowledge economy, but, R&D is getting more expensive…so you must take full advantage of the “First Mover” advantage. So, working with many partners is key. Russia’s potential in semiconductors Opportunities for Russia in semiconductors and success factors in the semiconductor industry.
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High Performance Mixed Signal
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Hans Rijns
Vice President and Head of Research NXP Semiconductors Rusnano second nanotechnology international forum Moscow, October 6th, 2009

Introduction NXP Semiconductors Innovation at NXP Strength by partnering NXP and Russia

Hans Rijns, Rusnano Forum, Oct 6 - 2009


NXP Semiconductors
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Hans Rijns
12 August, 2013
Dr. Hans Rijns
02 October, 2009