2017 and 2018 Global Semiconductor Sales and Sales Growth Predictions From The Cowan LRA Forecasting Model

 Mike Cowan
Description: TAKE AWAY - the latest monthly forecasted 2017 global semiconductor sales fell from last month’s forecast - from $403.0B to $401.4B. Year-over-year sales growth for 2017 likewise dropped -- from 18.9 percent to 18.4 percent. 2018’s updated semiconductor sales forecast also fell compared to last month’s forecast result – from $416.2B to $414.0B. Correspondingly, 2018’s sales growth is projected to also drop -- from 3.3 percent to 3.1 percent -- compared to last month’s forecast. Additionally, as shown in Table 2, September’s actual YTD sales growth (2017 versus 2016) fell from 21.6 percent to 21.3 percent reversing a seven month by-month increasing trend beginning with January 2017’s actual sales growth of 12.7 percent. Mike Cowan, semiconductor industry watcher and developer of the Cowan LRA, Linear Regression Analysis, Model for forecasting worldwide semiconductor sales
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Mike Cowan
14 June, 2018
Mike Cowan
17 May, 2018
Mike Cowan
18 April, 2018