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Cowan LRA Model's 2Q15 Semiconductor Sales Forecast For 2015 & 2016

 Mike Cowan
Description: The subject paper presents the latest 2015 and 2016 forecast expectations for global semiconductor sales and corresponding year-over-year sales growth predictions looking out over the next six quarters, that is, from the 3Q15 through the 4Q16. These latest, updated forecast results are derived from exercising the Cowan LRA Model using June 2015's actual sales numbers gleaned from the just posted WSTS June 2015 HBR
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
SIA/WSTS Releases Global Semiconductor Sales For 2Q15; The Cowan LRA Model Projects Its
Monthly Update For 2015, 2016 Sales And Sales Growth Forecast Expectations
Date of Write-Up: August 12th, 2015.
Author: Mike Cowan (Independent semiconductor industry watcher and creator of the Cowan LRA Model for forecasting
global semiconductor sales)

The five tables shown below summarize the latest semicond ... See more
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