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Plant Security Services

 Siemens AG
Description: The company documents its security approach to automation products, and gives integrators and operators a transparent insight into its industrial security measures.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
Contributing Organization: Siemens AG
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Plant Security Services
Protecting Productivity
Cyber Security Day | Kiev | August 2017


Amazing transformations


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in a day

5.5 million new “things”
get connected new “things”
5.5 million every day,
and 50 billion by 2020

get connected every day, and 50

billion by 2020

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Siemens Healthineers

Expansion of Diagnostics and Molecular Services Portfolio with molecular testing related services and technologies for oncology and genomics Entry point into NGS-based geno

Siemens AG
06 March, 2018

Electric vehicle solution

Development of new technologies for electric components and their integration in the vehicle are key challenges for OEM and suppliers.

Siemens AG
30 January, 2018

WWI: the Wireless World Initiative

Global activities on systems beyond 3G World is going towards fragmentation. WWI Mission and Objective. MultiSphere Concept User-centricity means that the users’ needs, expectation

16 January, 2009