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Our Digital Future - is it predictable?

 William Webb
Description: Conventional wisdom says we over-predict the next 2 years and under-predict the next 10 but plenty over-predict the next 10 as well, often on the back of corporate hype.
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Our Digital Future
Professor William Webb

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Can we predict the future?

In 2001, Google received a patent for its
PageRank mechanism

Written in 2000

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In 2001 a mere 100,000 homes get highspeed access via ADSL


In 2020 we will…
• Book flights with our personal communicator
• Communicator will work ou ... See more

Is Technology no Longer the Engine of Growth?

Predictions still appear to be plausible, despite the global upheaval. Cooper’s Law – wireless voice traffic doubles every 30 months, is this holding to be true? Backhaul is the ke

20 May, 2009