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The BYOD Wave: Policy, Security, and Wireless Infrastructure

 Ken Kaminski
Description: Provisioning Android Devices: No equivalent to Apple Over-the-Air (OTA) Delivery. Need an application to do this function. Example is Cisco Network Setup Assistant. Application usually hosted on Google Play need to allow access to Google Play during the device enrollment phase. This is usually done via an Access Control List included in the radius exchange. The diversity of Android vendors and Service Providers and the Android Trust Model makes it difficult to host this application on the Policy Server.
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The BYOD Wave:
Policy, Security, and
Ken Kaminski
BYOD & Security Technical Solutions Architect – Northeast
Cisco Systems



1. BYOD Trends & Policy
2. BYOD Solution Building Blocks
3. BYOD Device On-Boarding

4. Wireless Infrastructure Issues
5. Mobile Device Management (MDM) Vendors
6. Radius Change of Authorization (COA) – T ... See more

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