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SOSCON Serverless Computing Models

Description: Linux containers act like process level wrappers that isolate the application and account for its resource consumption.
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Contributing Organization: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS
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Serverless Computing Models
FaaS: Function As A Service
Samsung Electronics | Open Services Platform Lab
October 26, 2017

Serverless Computing Models
Container Technology
FaaS Platforms
Use Cases

Beyond Cloud Economics & Scalability

Architectural Impact
Programming Models


Containers – popular container orchestration systems
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Samsung LED LFD DE Series for Airport FID

Samsung LED LFD DE Series for Airport FID, Magicinfo-i S/W has been flying off Shelves, [SGE] Regional Transport Authority, UAE. The First Sales Case of Magicinfo-i commercial edit

09 January, 2012
05 May, 2011

Business Analysis and Forecast for Samsung

An overview and analysis of 2008, includes Industry forecasts for 2009 in Semiconductors, TFT-LCD, Telecommunication and Digital Media. Memory: Demand outlook for 2009 remains unc

05 February, 2009