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ISO Smart City Standards in Practice: Considering Current and Further Cities' Needs and Expectations in New Standards Formulation and Implementation

 Bernard Gindroz PhD
Description: Standardization in the field of Sustainable Cities and Communities including development of requirements, frameworks, guidance, supporting techniques and tools related to the achievement of sustainable development considering smartness and resilience, to help all Cities and Communities and their interested parties in both rural and urban areas become more sustainable.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
Contributing Organization: ASIDEES
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International Workshop: Smart Cities in Practice.

ISO Smart City standards in practice:
Considering current and further cities’ needs and expectations
in new standards formulation and implementation

Dr. Bernard GINDROZ
Chair of ISO TC 268
Chair of CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Sector Forum SSCC

31/10/2017, Vienna

Dr. Bernard GINDROZ

International Workshop: Smart Cities in Practice.

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