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General Security Concepts: Basic Security Terminology

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Description: The term hacking has been used frequently in the media. A hacker was once considered an individual who understood the technical aspects of computer operating systems and networks. Hackers were individuals you turned to when you had a problem and needed extreme technical expertise. Today, primarily as a result of the media, the term is used more often to refer to individuals who attempt to gain unauthorized access to computer systems or networks. While some would prefer to use the terms cracker and cracking when referring to this nefarious type of activity, the terminology generally accepted by the public is that of hacker and hacking. A related term that may sometimes be seen is phreaking, which refers to the “hacking” of the systems and computers used by a telephone company to operate its telephone network.
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BaseTech / Principles of Computer Security: CompTIA Security+™ and Beyond / Wm. Arthur Conklin / 619-8 / Chapter 2


General Security Concepts

“The only real security that a
man can have in this world is a
reserve of knowledge, experience
and ability.”

In this chapter, you will learn
how to

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