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PC-Based Control for Process Automation: Products for Hazardous Areas and Integration of Relevant Interfaces

 Ing. Mirko Vincenti
Description: PC based control technology from Beckhoff sets new standards in automation and provide the solutions for different areas like industry, remote access, FTP, SCADA and many more by the process automation.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
PC-Based Control for Process Automation:
products for hazardous areas and
integration of relevant interfaces

Ing. Mirko Vincenti
Beckhoff Automation Srl
Infrastructure & Building Automation Manager

05 | 07 | 2018

05 | 07 | 2018

PC-Based Control
the our automation revolution...
Three decades ago Beckhoff
revolutionised traditional thinking
with an idea that has changed all
current rules:
Inste ... See more

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