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Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

 Duncan Anderson
Description: Australia’s digital economy 21.5 million population with 8.4 million active Internet subscribers and 7.3 million (87%) with ‘broadband’. The National Broadband Network 100 mbps to 90% population. Increasing scale and sophistication of threats: 17.7 million malware infections in 2008, 3,060 compromised computers per day, and the Annual cost of computer security incidents $595-$649 million.
Views: 2004
Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection: An Australian Perspective
International Telecommunication Union Regional Cybersecurity Forum for Asia-Pacific September 2009

Duncan Anderson Australian Government Attorney-General's Department

Australia's Digital Landscape: Snapshot

Australia's digital economy
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21.5 million population ... See more

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