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Developing Mapping Applications For The OS X Platform

 Mary Harvey and Ryan Olson
Description: Agenda of this electronic presentation to develop mapping application on OS X platform. Covered topic like SDK, use of GIS functionality, Enriching the UI, From iOS to OS X, Deployment. Family of SDKs for multiple platforms Consistent capabilities, Native to the platform for building great application Lightweight and fast powerful, Easy. API in ArcGIS. Framework - 95% common with iOS. Resources in ArcGIS. Bundle, Sample Application, Esri Application Framework Kits, Guides, API Reference, Forum, Blogs, ArcGIS Run time Preview App and Code Sample Application, MVC Design Patterns with View Controllers, Basemap, TOC, Popups, Measure, Find Places, Web map gallery, Portal Login, Portal Organization Info. Offline map use being productive offline Network/geo code/search, Geo triggers, geo fence your application, Performance improvements, Security (OAuth, SAML), Beyond Offline analysis Local data support, 3D Raster and Vector.
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Developing Mapping
Applications for the
OS X platform
Mary Harvey and Ryan Olson

Session #260


Introduce the SDK

Create a map application with GIS functionality

Enriching the UI

From iOS to OS X



Introduce the

The ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

Family of SDKs for multiple platforms

Consistent capabilit ... See more

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