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Sharpening the Edge Serving the Next Generation Warfighter

 Nevin P. Carr Jr.
Description: sharpening the edge, serving the nest generation writher Now, NR The Office of Naval Research, Naval S and T Strategic Plan, Shaping S and T Investment, Information Dominance ONR S and T Focus Area, C2 Dominance, Priorities and Opportunities, Strategy, Priorities and Opportunities, Secure Communications and Networks, Control off the EM Spectrum.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
RADM Nevin P. Carr Jr., Chief of Naval Research Science and Technology for Information Dominance


The Office of Naval Research
Naval Research Laboratory (Appropriations Act, 1916) "[Conduct] exploratory and research work...necessary ...for the benefit of Government service, including the construction, equipment, and operation of a laboratory...." Office of Naval Research (Public Law 588, 1946) ... See more

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