The ArcGIS Platform Architecture and REST API

 Jeremy Bartley, Sud Menon
Description: This electronics presentation is about The ArcGIS Platform Architecture and REST API - ArcGIS services are REST based and delivered from the cloud. Portal and associated Services Servers. ArcGIS REST API, A single common API, Spans both Online and On Premise Systems, Portal for ArcGIS + ArcGIS Servers, ArcGIS Online-Organizational Portal + Hosted Services. ArcGIS REST API All GIS Services are exposed as resources-Service level metadata, Some resources have operations-Map Service (export, find, identify)-Map Service Layers (query)-Image Services (export)-Geocode Service (findAddressCandidates, Reverse Geocode)-Geoprocessing (execute, submit job)-Network Analyst (solve route)-Geometry Service (project, buffer, and others) Services Directory–simple and instant access to Service Level Metadata, Designed to be a developer tool, Developers who work with the Web APIs might not work with the json responses directly, but will work with the Services Directory. Used by the Web APIs-Can be used by any programming language, JSON with callbacks-f=json&callback =myMethod, Pretty JSON-f=pjson-More readable-For debugging purposes only, JSON generation (and REST) is very fast and is in core services implementation (needs ArcGIS 10.1 +). The API in Action–Walk Throughs. Open API accessible from a gamut of clients-Continuosly Evolves-Maintains compatibility, Adheres to HTTP standards, Supported both On Premises and On Line-Portal for ArcGIS + ArcGIS Server-ArcGIS Online–Organization Portal + Hosted Services.
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Jeremy Bartley, Sud Menon


ArcGIS Platform Architecture – Role of REST

Documentation : The ArcGIS REST API

Working with Organizations / Portals







ArcGIS services are REST based and delivered from the cloud

Data Collection
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