Business Continuity: Levering the Cloud

Business Continuity: Levering the Cloud

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Description: Leveraging the Cloud for Business Continuity, Use for Saving Parking Spots, Cloud services, FEMA EMI Training, Cloud Computing, Types of Clouds, Popular Cloud Services, Recent History of The Cloud, Data Cost Comparison, Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, Green Button Personal Supercomputer.

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Leveraging the Cloud for Business Continuity
Presented by:

Tim Rettig
President (513) 842-3160

Prize drawing this afternoon

Use for Saving Parking Spots


5% Sales

10% Theory

80% MEAT

5% Sales * % by weight (of information), not by height in picture.

Learn some helpful information that will make your business continuity and disaster recovery plans better. Learn what cloud offerings can be used to keep your company running in the event of a system failure or complete disaster.

Setting Expectations
Most information is for Midsize Companies Cloud services info covers some popular solutions. There are literally 1,000s available. Detailed info in slides might be skipped for time

First, the bun.

5% Sales

10% Theory

80% MEAT

5% Sales * % by weight (of information), not by height in picture.

Speaker Info

Tim Rettig President INTRUST GROUP (513) 842-3160


We are the IT department for many organizations.
Remote/Onsite Help Desk Support Proactive Server/Desktop Monitoring IT Management, Consulting & Projects Website Design Cloud Services Offices in Chicago and Cincinnati Since 1992

Private Companies $5Million to $1Billion+ Schools Universities Utility Companies Government Agencies Police Departments Fire Departments

FEMA EMI Training

To the fixin's already!

5% Sales

10% Theory

80% MEAT

5% Sales * % by weight (of information), not by height in picture.


Cloud = Timeshare
You pay to use software and computing resources that someone else built, owns and manages.

Server Room Chillaxin

Formal Definition
Cloud Computing:
A style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to external/internal customers using Internet technologies.

Types of Clouds

Popular Cloud Services

Application (Software as a Service) SaaS
Platform (Platform as a Service) PaaS Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service) IaaS

Recent History of "The Cloud"

Recent History
Amazon Web Service (AWS) is born
� Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
� Beta August, 2006 � Production October, 2008 � $.085/hr-$2.88/hr ($61/mo-$2,074/mo)

� Simple Storage Service (S3)
� $.15/GB/mo � Example clients: Dropbox, Slideshare, Twitter, Woot

Data Cost Comparison
2 TB Desktop storage: $100

2 TB Amazon S3 Storage for 1 year: $3,600

Recent History
The switch to cloud computing is similar to the displacement of electricity generators by electricity grids early in the 20th century.

Microsoft Data Center, Chicago

2010 = Cloud Mania
"For the cloud, we're all in. About 75 percent of our folks are doing entirely cloud based or entirely cloud inspired, a year from now that will be 90 percent."

Steve Ballmer CEO, Microsoft March 2010

Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing

Green Button "Personal Supercomputer"

Bring on the MEAT!

5% Sales

10% Theory

80% MEAT

5% Sales * % by weight (of information), not by height in picture.

F4 Tornado Cincinnati, OH Friday April 9, 1999


Disaster Recovery Plan
Agility Recovery Services
Formerly known as GE Disaster Recovery Services, Agility has 21 years experience and a 100% success rate. In 2009 they responded to over 400 disaster events.

Business Interruption

Critical BCP Component

Four+ Days Business Interruption

Test your BC & DR Plans
Tabletop Exercise


Getting Company Buy-In
Do a Tabletop Exercise
Invite Managers/Department Heads Use common issue for scenario
� Examples: Lightning, fire, water

1 day period 1 mile radius 22 Lightning Strikes
Source: United States Precision Lightning Network (USPLN)

Leveraging the Cloud in your DR/BC Strategy

While announcing a horrible product....

Online E-mail Continuity
Spam filtration services will allow users to access spooled mail if corporate server is down or unreachable. Outlook, web and Gmail options available.

Online E-mail Continuity (Cont.)

Website Hosting

Cloud Website Hosting
Scale to thousands of hits per second. Not affected by other websites on the same hardware Achieves nearly 100% uptime

Public DNS
See website hosting Tip: Check your TTL settings
Allows you to point to secondary system and have it take effect in XX minutes.

Even better tip: DNS with System Monitoring
Will change DNS record to a secondary system if primary fails.

DDoS Attack? Check out

Systems Status Website

Phone System Backup
Get a number at or Google voice. Setup your PRI line to failover to the line Setup the online service to have a quick announcement and give the caller the option to leave a message, or be transferred.

Phone System Backup (Cont.)

Laptop Online Backup
Data is backed up whenever the computer is connected to the Internet. $5/mo unlimited data backup GET THIS FOR YOUR HOME COMPUTER
PROTECT YOUR PHOTOS Mozy Home is free up to 2GB

Server Backup & Recovery

Watching Football

Hey! That guy was tripped!

Server Online Backup
Open file support SQL & Exchange backup Initial backup via drive shipment available Local and online backup options available

Peer-based Backup
One flat monthly fee. No limit to storage amount.
Just contribute 2x your storage to the cloud.

Advanced Server Data Backup

Advanced Server Data Backup (Cont.)

Near-line Recovery Solution
Hosted Repository Server


New Virtual Server Replacement

Advanced Server Backup Features
Continuous data protection of original servers Data is encrypted for secure transmission over IPSEC Secure Scale to any size, from 1 machine upwards IPSEC Full server or individual file restore VPN Tunnel Hosted Repository of data updated in real time Optional on-premise repository for faster restore Restore to on-premise or hosted VPS

On-Premise Repository Server

Customer Site

Mirrored Online Recovery Solution

Hosted HA virtual servers

High Availability Features
Mirrored On-Premise to Hosted Virtual Servers Continuous data protection of original servers Data is encrypted for secure transmission over IPSEC Scale to any size, from 1 machine upwards Fast recovery time from On-Premise failure

Secure IPSEC VPN Tunnel

Customer Site

Hybrid Recovery Solution
Hosted Repository Server Hosted HA virtual servers
Hybrid approach utilizing Backup & HA Continuous data protection of original servers Choose On-Premise Servers for HA Hosted repository server for Non-HA servers Optional On-Premise repository for real-time file recovery Fast recovery of HA servers in Premise wide failure Optional recovery on Non-HA in Premise wide failure to VPS Recover Non-HA servers to Premise or Hosted VPS

Secure IPSEC VPN Tunnel

On-Premise Repository Server

Customer Site

Post-Disaster Operation
Hosted Repository Server Cisco ASA 5550 Firewall Context

Note: Firewall option is not available with Amazon VPC

Alternate Location Or Agility Recovery Suite Utilizing VPN Tunnel

Secure IPSEC VPN Tunnel


Partner & SOHO Users Utilizing Software VPN

Direct Internet Traffic (Mail, RDP, Etc.)

Hybrid Local+Cloud Backup Advantages
Full on-premise data security through regular Backup
� Restore over local network fast with local repository or from hosted repository � Choose to restore locally or on a hosted server
� Lower cost � no capex investment in sourcing a replacement server � Faster deployment (bandwidth & hardware benefits) � Ability to subsequently restore to local premise if required

High availability for business continuity
� Have live copies of your servers and applications running in the cloud, ready for fast swap-over if disaster occurs
� Cloud servers updated constantly, so little or no data loss from outage � Fast restore time (within 60 minutes) � Internal or External services restored and available to keep your business running � Key staff can log in from remote locations as soon as servers are running

Cloud servers can be brought online for testing purposes


Closing Thoughts
Leveraging the cloud for DR is smart. It is a great way to transition to the cloud
Make sure your DR solution allows for a costeffective way to leave recovered servers in the cloud. Make sure there is an easy way to recover back to a local server if performance issues exist.

Be aware that nickels & dimes can quickly turn into thousands of dollars.

That just about does it....

5% Sales

10% Theory

80% MEAT

5% Sales * % by weight (of information), not by height in picture.

Is this your support challenge?

Data Center Colo
Mobile users Cloud Services


Your Remote Offices


Data Center Colo

One support company. One fixed, monthly cost.
Mobile users Cloud Services

User Support IT Management
Your Office Your Remote Office

Stop by our table today for more information. Please allow us to delight you.


Tim Rettig
President (513) 842-3160

Smoke Break


Thank you!

Tim Rettig President INTRUST GROUP (513) 842-3160

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