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Business Continuity: Levering the Cloud

 Tim Rettig
Description: Leveraging the Cloud for Business Continuity, Use for Saving Parking Spots, Cloud services, FEMA EMI Training, Cloud Computing, Types of Clouds, Popular Cloud Services, Recent History of The Cloud, Data Cost Comparison, Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, Green Button Personal Supercomputer.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
Contributing Organization: Data Connectors
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Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment

Leveraging the Cloud for Business Continuity
Presented by:

Tim Rettig
President Tim.Rettig@intrustgroup.com (513) 842-3160

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Use for Saving Parking Spots


5% Sales

10% Theory

80% MEAT

5% Sales * % by weight (of information), not by height in picture.

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