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The Use of Virtualization in Education Using VMware Player and VirtualBox

 Karl Mathias Moberg
Description: A brief outline of the basic concepts and history of computer virtualization technology on x86 based systems. The paper discusses virtualization technology and how educational institutions improve flexibility and save time when setting up lab assignments. It will compare and contrast two free virtualization technologies available on the market today, VMware player and Oracle VM VirtualBox. When comparing the two virtualization technologies, a gathering of information about the two solutions will be required, and the software tested next to each other in similar conditions to see the difference between the two. By installing both VirtualBox and VMware, this paper will give some practical examples of some of the differences between the two solutions.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
The Use of Virtualization Software in Education using
VMware Player and VirtualBox
Karl Mathias Moberg
Noroff Vocational School
September 2017


and development. Even so, its creation allowed
for the development of newer systems in the
years to come and showed the potential of
virtualization. IBM launched one of the most
recognized systems, thee VM/370 in th ... See more

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