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Using MEMS technology for Inserting Electronics in Textile Yarns

 Emmanuel Arene
Description: Provide a unique solution for traceability, production monitoring, logistic control, quality management, anti-theft, authentication, inventory, omnichannel enabler, customer experience…thru an electronic DNA embedded into materials and objects, from manufacturing to recycling. Electronics embedded into a textile yarn, in a unique form factor Invisible, inseparable, durable, easy to integrate into textiles and plastics.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Consumer
Contributing Organization: SEMICON Europa
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E-Thread™: Using
MEMS technology for
Inserting Electronics
in Textile Yarns
Emmanuel ARENE, CEO
Semicon Europa
October 26th, 2016,
Primo1D - Présentation CEA 01-2013 HT/DV | 1

Company profile

 Founded August 2013
 Spin-off from CEA-Leti research center (France)
 Exclusive licensee for E-ThreadTM technology (16 patents worldwide)
 Our know-how : embed ... See more

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