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Automotive Infotainment: How The Oems Can Contain The Digital Giants' Surge Into The Cockpit

 Jean-Edmond Coutris, Ayoul Grouvel
Description: What is at stake is nothing less than the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ and suppliers’ future share of the automotive value chain and profit pool. As the ‘digital giants’ increase their influence over the cockpit, automotive brands also risk losing direct contact with the customers. Infotainment will emerge as a key differentiation element among OEMs’ value propositions by the turn of the decade. As ‘Mobility as a Service’ significantly cannibalizes the ‘car ownership’ model, infotainment will become a key portal in mobility service distribution. Automated driving will also contribute to this trend as it frees the driver’s time onboard.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Consumer
Contributing Organization: EMERTON
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Emerton | Market insights | October 2016

Automotive infotainment: how the
OEMs can contain the digital giants’
surge into the cockpit

Google and to some extent Apple have gained access to the
car’s dashboard thanks to very competitive infotainment
software solutions. Car manufacturers face the risk of losing
control of the onboard content and services.
Several containment strategies ... See more

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