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Sombody Is Watching Me: Cybersecurity, Privacy, and the Internet of Things

 Lisa S. Walsh, Galina Datskovsky PhD, Ronald J. Hedges, Jennifer S. Granick, Taa R. Grays, Karen Joh
Description: Laws protection audio data, especially voice communications, are sometimes robust but also in flux as technologies evolve and courts grapple with the limitations of constitutional protection for data sent outside the home.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Consumer
Contributing Organization: NAWJ
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Somebody IS Watching
Me: Cybersecurity, Privacy,
and the Internet of Things

Moderator: The Honorable Lisa S. Walsh, Circuit Court Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit, MiamiDade, Florida
Galina Datskovsky, PhD., CRM, FAI, CEO, Vaporstream
Ronald J. Hedges, Senior Counsel, Dentons US LLP
Jennifer S. Granick, Surveillance and Cybersecurity Counsel, Speech, Privacy, and
Technology Project, ACLU ... See more

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