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Innovative Automotive Door-handle Based On R2R Printing Process, Hybrid And Heterogeneous Integration

 Jaime Herran PhD
Description: Two plastic sheets and conductive traces separated by insulators, generating a sensor response due to pressure. Innovative and competitive technology in distributed pressure sensors. Technology especially suitable to monitor large areas. Compatibility with the manufacturing techniques for the electronics sector. Easy installation and integration capability in complex systems. Competitive in price compared to other sensor technologies due to the materials used. Flexible and light, hence adaptable to multiple surface format.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Consumer
Contributing Organization: SEMICON Europa
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Innovative automotive door-handle
based on R2R printing process, hybrid
and heterogeneous integration
2016 Flex Conference, Grenoble (France), 25th October 2016.

Dr. Jaime Herrán


 Pressure sensors technology

 Roll-Out project
 Door-handle development
 R2R pressure sensor fabrication
 Overmolding process
 Conclusions


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