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Smart Grid Network Templates for Electricity Distribution Analytics

 Jenny Woodruff
Description: This electronic presentation for Electricity Distribution Analytics to smart grid LV network templates. Now, more about Western Power Distribution. DNO oprate 4 network East Midlands, West Midlands, South West, South Wales which have 7.8 million customers, 55,300 square km service area, 221,000 km overhead lines and cables, 185,000 substations. Normalization values expressed relative to the daily peak. This prevents clusters for different sized substations with similar load shape. Low Carbon Technologies increase in peak load. Generation impact on network voltages. Less predictability season and day variations peak load timing future load scenarios. Smart Meter Data Events & Readings - Significant new opportunities Potentially large data volumes will need new processing to integrate with existing systems. Existing network headroom, technology impact, customer behavior. Short term planning – quick connections, minimal reinforcement. Long term planning – keeping the lights on and the bills down. Improve asset management – understanding loads, voltages, asset environment. Future technology uptake modelled by propensity matrix. Load Scenarios built to reflect assumptions as “lever positions”.
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Contributing Organization: Grid Analytics Europe
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About Western Power Distribution
Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
Own and Operate 4 networks

East Midlands
West Midlands
South West
South Wales

7.8 million customers
55,300 square km service area
221,000 km overhead lines and cables
185,000 substations

Already have
“quite a bit” of data.

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