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Distributed Embedded Systems

 Philip Koopman
Description: CPUs In Car Seat, Car Seat Network, Low speed LIN network to connect seat motion control nodes, CPUs In A Car, Embedded System is Computers Inside a Product, Definition of an Embedded Computer, 18-649 Approach, 18-649 Distributed Embedded Systems, embedded system design, Embedded computing overview, Embedded Systems Programming, Elements of Embedded Systems, Common Embedded System Functions, Embedded System Constraints, Automotive Electronics Market, Real-Time Embedded Systems
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Domain: Electronics
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Contributing Organization: Carnegie Mellon
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18-649 Distributed Embedded Systems
Prof. Philip Koopman Spring 2011 Lecture: Mon/Wed 12:30-2:20 PM Recitation: Friday 12:30-2:30 PM

� Copyright 2010-2011, Philip Koopman

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Prof. Phil Koopman
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