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Siltronic – a leading producer of silicon wafers

 Petra Mueller
Description: Siltronic is a leader in wafer technology and quality: Technological capabilities and leadership are implemented with the highest level of quality expertise- First supplier to ship 300 mm wafers, Development of 8 nm design rule started in 2013 (commercialization 2017); Concurrently optimizing on 50+ wafer parameters of each design rule, >400 engineers worldwide, 1,700 patents issued and pending (as of Dec. 31, 2015), Single wafer traceability for 300 mm, Standardized processes across sites enabling “copy exactly” at product level, Quality awards from virtually all top semiconductor players.
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Siltronic – a leading producer of silicon wafers
Fact Book 2016
Investor Relations, June 30, 2016

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The whole electronic value chain is based on semiconductor
silicon wafers.
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Semiconductor Silicon Wafers
Silicon for
Electronic Applications
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