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Computing: Evolving and Revolving

 Ozzie Diaz, Mobile & Wireless CTO
Description: The Evolution of computing has created a new definition of the workplace, of which its challenges are your opportunity. Discusses the changes in the PC industry trends and creating new usage models with customer drivers, market trends and technology drivers as well as cloud computing, client virtualization , and broadband. The innovation needed to keep up with customer demands in world where anyone can work or play from any network.
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Computing: Evolving and Revolving

Ozzie Diaz
Mobile &Wireless CTO

"There's going to be so much content and information available that I think consumers and broadband users, in particular, are going to want somebody to help them organize all this stuff and make it meaningful to them."
Fixed-Mobile Convergence: Mixing the Right Blend Telecommunications article, November 2006

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