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Emerging Trends and Technologies

 Eastern Kentucky University
Description: Obtaining a broad view of emerging trends and new technologies as they relate to business can help an organization anticipate and prepare for the future. Organizations that can most effectively grasp the deep currents of technological evolution can use their knowledge to protect themselves against sudden and fatal technological obsolescence. Trends: Trend analysis – the examination of a trend to identify its nature, causes, speed of development, and potential impacts. Trend monitoring – trends viewed as particularly important in a specific community, industry, or sector are carefully monitored, watched, and reported to key decision makers.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Business
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment

Emerging Trends and

Learning Outcomes
1. Identify the trends that will have the greatest

impact on future business
2. Identify the technologies that will have the

greatest impact on future business
3. Explain why understanding trends and new

technologies can help an organization
prepare for the future


 Obtaining a broad view of emerging tren ... See more

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