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Eu's Contribution To Research And Innovation In Electronics

 Henri Rajbenbach, Nikolaos Kyrloglou
Description: Digitizing European Industry Impact: - A potential EUR1.25 Trillion added to GDP1. Or loss of EUR605 Billion of GDP if Europe lags behind, equivalent to the loss of over 10% of industrial base1. Up to an additional USD2.2 trillion to US GDP by 2025 in three areas alone2 1Roland Berger: Digital Transformation of Industry, 2015, 2McKinsey: Digital America: A Tale of the Haves and HaveMores, 2015.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Business
Contributing Organization: SEMICON Europa
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EU's contribution to research
and innovation in Electronics

European Commission
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SEMICON Europa-Flex Europe - 25 Oct. 2016 - Grenoble

Policy Context
10 priorities for Europe

2015 - 2017
#DSM - A connected DigitalSingleMarket
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