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Emerging Applications and Business Models in Green Tech, Med Tech, and High Tech

 G Dan Hutcheson
Description: This presentation examines the new applications that will jail-break electronics into this new decade. In Green Tech: solar photovoltaics, biofuels, fuel cells, nuclear, and natural gas. In Med Tech: Health IT. In High Tech, the cell phone is not just a phone. It has displays, digital cameras, and GPS functionality that were unthinkable a decade ago. In 1989, AT&Tís road map did not comprehend that phones would go wireless and television would go cable, leaving them ill prepared for the 90's...
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Business

Why and How the Flow of Manufacturing Offshore Could Reverse.


It's all happened before . . . It can all happen again
� Japan in ascension throughout the 70's and 80's � U.S. in descent � Then the U.S. snapped back in 90's


It's all happened before . . . It can all happen again
� So . . .
� What happened? � ... See more
G Dan Hutcheson
10 August, 2018
G Dan Hutcheson
05 June, 2018
G Dan Hutcheson
04 June, 2018