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Digital Market Evolution

 IAB Europe
Description: Display includes all formats (video, classic and special operations), all marketing methods (programmatic and non-programmatic) and all devices (mobile, desktop and IPTV). Instream still the #1 video* format, with outstream rising significantly on social networks. Inventory sold by automatically connecting buyers and sellers. It includes all automated sales models: guaranteed or not, fixed price or RTB, private marketplaces or open auctions, self-serve platforms or trading desks. Social network sales are also considered programmatic sales.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Business
Contributing Organization: IAB Europe
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2016 Report
Edition – January 2017


We interviewed 29 actors for
the report


1. Digital market evolution
2. Display advancing at varying speeds
A. Formats: strong growth in video
B. Formats: a hard year for classic display
C. Programmatic now dominating display

3. Mobile continuing to pick up, thanks to social and search
4. Search and other levers
5. Trends and ... See more

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