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Overcoming Digital Divide in Emerging Economies

 Ben Shenglin, Felice Simonelli, Zhang Ruidong, Romain Bosc, Li Wenwei
Description: The Chinese government had invested accumulatively 87 billion RMB in the decade during 2004-2013, which has activated phone lines for about 204,000 villages, opened the broadband for 111,000 villages, respectively accounting for 95.6%, 91% of all villages in China.
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Digital Infrastructure:
Overcoming Digital Divide in Emerging
POLICY AREA: Digital Economy

Ben Shenglin (Zhejiang University, Academy of Internet Finance)
Felice Simonelli (Center for European Policy Studies)
Zhang Ruidong (Zhejiang University, Academy of Internet Finance)
Romain Bosc (Center for European Policy Studies)
Li Wenwei (Zhejiang University, Academy of Internet Fi ... See more

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