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Challenges and Opportunities of the Financial Crisis in the Arab Region

 Batool Shakoori
Description: The Arab region suffers due to economic growth is not fueled by productive activities, but mainly depends on oil revenues, real estate investments, returns from the tourism sector, as well as foreign aid. Real GDP growth is expected to shrink to 4% in 2009, compared with 6% in 2007. This is expected to impact on remittances and unemployment. However, the region has a surplus of oil revenues in Gulf countries. The crisis has led to a visible decline in financial markets in some countries.
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Eighth Coordination Meeting on International Migration, New York, 16-17 Nov. 2009.

The Financial Crisis and International Migration in the Arab Region: Challenges and Opportunities.
By: Batool Shakoori, Chief, Population and Social Development Section. Social Development Division UN-ESCWA

INTRODUCTION. FIRST- CHALLENGES POSED BY THE CRISIS. 1- Exacerbating unemployment. 2- Squeezing rem ... See more

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