An "Un-Halftoning" scheme to improve eBook Images

An "Un-Halftoning" scheme to improve eBook Images

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Description: A brief tech note on how to dramatically improve halftones when scanning print books for eBook web presentation.

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An "Un-Halftoning" Scheme to Improve eBook Images
Don Lancaster Synergetics, Box 809, Thatcher, AZ 85552 copyright c2010 pub 12/10 as GuruGram #115 (928) 428-4073

process we might call "un-halftoning" can dramatically improve many of the halftones used in book remastering.
Rescan the book pages to the highest possible resolution with full grayscale or with full RGB.


This should produce very large oversize halftones. Then reduce the images down to their normal size using ImageView32 or Irfanview. Poof. All the halftone stuff should vanish as resizing does its thing with bicubic interpolation. Instead of a black ink halftone approximation to an image, we have a full gray image approximation to a halftone! Our left image is what you might get scanning B/W into Acrobat 9. Our center image is an oversize rescan to full RGB and un-Halftoning. Our right image applies some of the usual retouching stunts to the center image.

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