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Taking Stock: Equipment Stocks Jumped above 100, Ending the Week with a 4.4% Gain

Description: Both Chips and Equipment trail the S&P 500, which hit a new high for the year and is up 3.6% since the beginning of the year. The hot stock of the week was Infineon with a nice 12.4% gainer, followed by SMIC and Kulicke & Soffa. The chip stocks got a boost this week when Qualcomm raised their guidance for the second quarter sighting favorable volume and product mix.
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Taking Stock: Chipmaking stocks rose for the fourth straight week. The big news this week came from the treasury market where investors demanded higher rates as growing concerns over the government deficits and debt levels mounted in both US and Europe. Washington also passed the healthcare legislation, which was forgone event for the financial markets.
Chip stocks lagged the equipment this week, ... See more

Semiconductor WEEK: March 24, 2012

Semiconductor Analytics • IC Sales jump 7%, Units hot, ASPs strong • Strongest week since November • Electronics: Starting to recover • Handsets are closing in on the PC market

24 March, 2012

Semiconductor WEEK: March 16, 2012

An overview of results and conclusions from the week’s studies at VLSI: • Semiconductor Analytics • The Chip Insider® Graphics: • Capacity Utilization by node for January

17 March, 2012
14 January, 2012