The next big things

The next big things

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Description: Predictions on some reasonably expected "next big things" impacting high tech.

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Guru's Lair: "Next Big Things" excerpt

December 19, 2008 I was asked what the "next big things" will be in high tech. It seems like the time of year for predictions, so here goes... NET ENERGY PV PANELS -- The technology and learning curves are now finally in place for emergence of photovoltaics that are genuinely renewable and sustainable. WEB TELEVISION & WEB VIDEO -The advantages utterly overwhelm traditional cable and over-the-air broadcasts. There is no point for either to continue. USEFUL eBOOK READERS -- So much better than the traditional touch and feel of a book that books themselves will virtually disappear in an astonishingly short time. ROUTINE GOLDILOCKS EXOPLANETS -First by the dozens, then thousands. Caused by ongoing hitech breakthroughs and vastly expanded research. GYROS AND GPS -- extending to the lowest cost, simplest, and least elegant products. HD VIDEO AS A WEBSITE NORM -Creating a humongous bandwidth crunch and seriously impacting the very future of the web. TOTAL DEMISE OF TRADE JOURNALS -Along with most other magazines and newspapers. The economics are now ludicrous. IMPROVED WALL WARTS -- Modules only slightly larger than an ordinary ac wall plug and standardized "one size fits all" wireless schemes. UBIQUIOUS WiFi -- Free internet access at ultra high speeds available nearly everywhere all the time. CHEAP SYNCHRONOUS INVERTERS -Revolutionizing the economics of solar electricity. We are talking $9 here, not $2500. Including new max power optimization algorithms. .


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Guru's Lair: "Next Big Things" excerpt

. EYEBALL SIPHONING -- New social web services continuing to drain interest in classic websites and most everything that has gone before. DISAPPEARANCE OF MOST CLUBS -- Caused by aging membership and easier web access to once priviledged information and resources. HDTV/MONITOR CONVERGENCE -- Since most television and video will be web distributed, the utterly abritrary distinctions betwen HDTV television sets and larger computer monitors should vanish entirely. HDTV's in particular must end up with greatly improved web nav. CHEAP SANTA CLAUS MACHINES -Dramatic price reductions are long overdue in three dimensional printers that can produce anything from a roast beef sandwich to a new girlfriend.

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