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Impacts on Chips: Growth Drivers

 John Dinsdale, Jim McGregor, Michelle Abraham, Norm Bogen, In-Stat
Description: Semiconductor Outlook: The Truth About Future Semiconductor Demand • Myth 1: Slowing demand – PC market is maturing – Cell phone market is saturated – Vendor consolidation • Myth 2: The need for the next killer application – Internet (Dot bomb) – Communications (Telecom bust) – Storage – Video Semiconductor Revenues by Segment Market Inflection Points • New technologies Key Applications Top Tier • PCs • Consumer electronics • Digital home Second Tier • Digital office...
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In-Stat Seminar

Impacts on Chips: Growth Drivers
San Jose - December 14, 2006

� Introduction � Semiconductor Market Myths & Drivers � Digital TV and Set Top Boxes � Wireless Broadband � Question & Answer

December, 2006

In-Stat Impacts on Chips Seminar


The In-Stat Team Today
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