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Pseudoscience Bashing Secrets

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Description: Newly revised and updated pseudoscience bashing library includes tutorials and extensive web links. Can also be viewed directly as

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"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

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Pseudoscience is what the Houyhnhms politely termed "That which is not so". Ludicrosities such as free energy, alien abductions, cold fusion, antigravity, UFO's, perpetual motion, "not even wrong" labwork, or outright scams. There are three levels of pseudoscience: Tain't likley, McGee. Boy, a whole flock of 'em flew over that time. What are they on, and where do we get some of it? Because so much of it is so mesmerizingly awful, much of pseudoscience makes for wondrously fascinating reading. My goal here is to place a big pile of pseudoscience onto a large stage. And shine a bright light on it. And then get you to personally conclude: "Yup that sure is a big pile all right." The only tiny problem is that an awful lot of it keeps leaking out of the bottom of the pile. The key to skepticism is that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. If you discover something clearly out of the ordinary, your[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

foremost goal should be a monumental effort to prove yourself wrong. It is never up to any third party to find your stupid mistakes or gross incompetence. Many library files require an Adobe Acrobat 7.0 plug in for online viewing. Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or an eBook Reader or any other .PDF accepting program.

Featured "must read" files:


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Blatant Opportunist #49 BASHPSEU.PDF
How to Bash Pseudoscience. Meta studies. Looks like a duck. Binary consequence tree. Ockham's razor. Follow the Cash Avoid negatives. Roswell. Dowsing. Brown's Gas. Homopolar gens. Magic lamps. Click for additional Blatant Opportunist columns. Click here for Nokoli Tesla book info.

Resource Bin #86 RESBN86.PDF (March 1999)
How to superluminally dowse for Brown's Gas in Roswell. Art Bell Bill Beaty. Keelynet. Saucer Smear. Borderlands. More miles per gallon. Skeptical Inquirer. Preposterosity Du Juers. More. Click here for additional Resource Bins. Click here for Pseudoscience book info.

Trashing Auto Electrolysizers TRASHELC.PDF #93
Reviews the fundamental technical reasons why onboard alternator driven vehicle hydrogen injection electrolysizers can not possibly work and flat out ain't gonna happen. Click for a Bashing Pseudoscience tutorial. Click here for the GuruGram 93 source code. Click here to Contact the Author directly. 06/08

Tech Musings #153 MUSE153.PDF ( september 2001)
Bouncy brick secrets. Privatizing mil surplus. Bogus water powered cars. Reducing table lookup sizes. Fundamentals of electrolysis. Quadratic interpolation. Bounty hunting patents for $$$$. Click here for additional Tech Musings. Click here for Patent Avoidance info.

Tech Musings #120 MUSE120.PDF (January 1998)
NewTek's new PIC Calibar tv generator, investigating Brown's Gas, television broadcast magazines, understanding meta studies, comparing energy densities, plastic injection molding book, more[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Some "real energy" resources:


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Energy Intro & Summary NRGLECT2.PDF #100
Nearly everything you" know" about energy and alternate energy is "not even wrong". Slide show type tutorial gets the facts straight for you.. Focuses on the importance of exergy and net energy. 11/08

Click here for an Energy Fundamentals I tutorial.. Click here for an Energy Fundamentals II tutorial.. Click here for the GuruGram 100 source code. Click here to Contact the Author directly.

Not one net watthour of pv energy has ever been generated! Here are the facts on why pv solar electricity today is neither renewable nor sustainable, Emphasis is on fundamental physics and CIGS. 11/08 Click here for an Energy Fundamentals I tutorial.. Click here for an Energy Fundamentals II tutorial..

More Energy Fundamentals MORENRGF.PDF #86
An update and expansion of our classic Energy Fundamentals tutorial Dimes versus kilowatt hours. Exergy. Net Energy. Amortization. pv. CIGS and new developments. Economy of scale. Grid Storage. 02/08 Click for additional Blatant Opportunist columns. Click here for MORENRG.PSL sourcecode.

Blatant Opportunist #71 ENERGFUN.PDF
Some energy fundamentals.. Work, power, & energy. Sources, carriers, sinks. Energy density. Thermodynamics. Efficiency. Exergy. Hydrogen realities. Electrolysis fantasies, Photovoltaics, more. Click for a third party Exergy Tutorial. Click for a third party Net Energy Tutorial.

More Energy Fundamentals MORENRGF.PDF #86
An update and expansion of our classic Energy Fundamentals tutorial Dimes versus kilowatt hours. Exergy. Net Energy. Amortization. pv. CIGS and new developments. Economy of scale. Grid Storage. 02/08 Click for additional Blatant Opportunist columns. Click here for MORENRG.PSL sourcecode.

Magic Sinewave Summary MSINEXEC.PDF #65
An "executive summary" on magic sinewaves that gathers together the key featuers and development history from several earlier files. Magic sinewaves offer efficiency and power quality advantages.[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Click here for the Magic Sinewave library. Click here for a Magic Sineave intro tutorial. Click here for the GuruGram 65 source code. Click here to Contact the Author directly.

"It's a Gas" Hydrogen Resources H2GAS01.ASP
Our hydrogen resources library gathers together the many reasons why the hydrogen economy is absolutely guaranteed to flat out not gonna happen. Click here for our "eBay offerings

The Credible Incredibles:


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Outside of their manic devotion to "not even wrong" pseudoscience concepts, these "must visit" sites appear to be quite well done and remain more or less objective within their ludicrous framework... Jerry Decker's KeelyNet
Keely was an early 1900's scamster who used hidden air lines to fake free energy. Jerry's site carefully reports on the scam du Jours .

Click here for our GuruGram reprints. Click here for our current eBay offerings.

James Mosley's Saucer Smear Magazine
In-your-face UFO journalism slams friend and foe alike. Detailed and thorough coverage of Roswell and similar UFO happenings.

Click here for our Consulting services. Click here to email Don Lancaster directly.

Recommended Real Science Sites:


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These "real science sites" are where the honest and legitimate new technical developments will take place. Anything conspicuously absent is highly suspect... U.S.Science Magazine from AAAS
The leading US scientific journal and second only to Nature in international scope and reputation.

Check out these MIT Science Courses.[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Top Dog international Journal Nature Magazine
British publication is widely regarded as the finest scientific journal in the world. Numero uno itchy ban.

Check to reach the Google Scholar search engine. Scholarly Journal Source Elsevier Publishing
Elsevier published many dozens of peer reviewed journals covering a broad range of scientific, engineering, and technical topics.

Click for Office of Scientific & Technical Information. Shawn Carlson's Society of Amateur Scientistsies
Attempts to remove the roadblocks that prevent ordinary people, of all ages, from participating in extraordinary science.

Click to reach the Questia Online Library. Bill Beaty's Science Hobbiest
Well done personal site is an eclectic mix of legit traditional science plus exploration of controversal and pseudoscience topics.

Check out Bill's bizarre Free Energy Forum.

Other Skeptics:


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There are quite a few skeptics organizations and individuals with skeptical oriented websites. I've gathered a few of them here. Many more can be found by punching "skeptic" into Google. One of the key problems any and all groups and people face is that they can easily become exactly what they think they are attacking. Should they take a position of extreme manic fervor. Sometimes even the most wildly extreme of outrageously wrong claims may lead to an underlying and unexplored "real science" possibility. So, rational objectivity and open mindedness must be maintained. CISCOP and the Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. publishes critical scientific evaluations of paranormal and fringe-science claims and informed discussion of all relevant issues.

Check out these MIT Science Courses. Skeptic's Society Skeptic Magazine[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, magicians, professors and teachers,that promotes science literacy and critical thinking.

Check to reach the Google Scholar search engine. Skeptical Friends Newtwork at SFN
Promote skepticism, critical thinking, science and logic as the best methods for evaluating all claims of fact. Community with a wide variety of viewpoints and expertise

Click for Office of Scientific & Technical Information. Eric Krieg's 's Association of Critical Thinking
Critical analysis of perpetual motion claims from Joseph Newman, Dennis Lee, and other perpetual motion scams. Also covers crackpots, thereaputic touch, and similar.

Click to reach the Questia Online Library. James Randi's 's Flying Pig Site
Educational foundation is the home of a one million dollar prize for definitive proof of the paranormal. Also presents the pigagus awards for parapsychological frauds.

Click to reach the Questia Online Library.

"Boy a whole flock of em flew over"


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No attempt is made to separate the useful adjuncts to porcine whole body cleanliness from the total hogwash that appears here... Rex Research INFOLIOS
Still at the same old stall after all these years. Publishes collections of articles on suppressed, dormant, or "emerging" science. technologies, inventions, or therapies. ..

Investigating those realms beyond the range of normal human perception and measurement. Works towards the advancement and preservation of "lost science" .

Institute for Free Energy SYMPOSIUMS
Puts on putons on perpetual motion, free energy, overunity, antigravity and related technologies. Older website may no longer be currently updated.[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Blacklight Power's Overunity Hydrogen
Claims to have a new primary energy source with applications to heating, distributed and central power generation, and motive power. based on a new process of releasing latent hydrogen energy.

Click here to access Real Hydrogen info. German Free Energy Site OVERUNITY.DE
This one has also been around a while. Thermodynamics be dammed. Perpetual motion, free energy, zero point energy, plus the rest of the gang.

Steorm Technologies Perpetual Motion
Yet another in a never ending series of science challenged firms going to hit it big with their stupendous perpetual motion devices. Verification to date appears a little weak. Click here for the GuruGram library.

Some Earlier Tutorials:


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Resource Bin #26 RESBN26.PDF (March 1994)
Pseudoscience ripoffs are a multi-million dollar industry. Here's an extensive directory of where to go to get the latest insider info on UFO's perpetual motion, aliens, and wonder medicines.

Tech Musings #129 MUSE129.PDF (September 1998)
Understanding DMX512 theater lighting controls. Hydrogen energy journal. Some stage lighting books. Overunity energy fantasies. Asynchronous RS422 and RS485 network communications.

Tech Musings #108 MUSE108.PDF (January 1997 )
Debunking miracle energy sources, A history of color organs, Those great new baby PIC's, New consultant's insider magazine, AC phase control fundamentals, linearizing by table lookup.. ..

Hardware Hacker #64 HACK64.PDF (May 1993 )
Steam calliope sources. Micropower oscillators. Avoiding energy scams. Thermodynamic basics. Communications trade journals. Understanding process reversibility.

Tech Musings #107 MUSE107.PDF (December 1996 )
SX laser printer repairs, linear phase digital filters, home theater opportunities and resources , debunking some techno-myths, improved access to government surplus electronics.[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Tech Musings #134 MUSE134.PDF (March 1999)
Online aerial photo access. A collection of loose ends. Selected SETI books. PIC video overlay displays. Underwater arc absurdities. Military manual source. Shooting the AOL messenger

Tech Musings #112 MUSE112.PDF (May 1997 )
A.C. power measurement tutorial and basics. Aerogel resources and developments. 99 cent Telephone extension lockouts. Understanding RMS currents. Several column corrections

Tech Musings #123 MUSE123.PDF (April 1998)
AC power measurement new options and tutorial. $49 Acrobat source. Rapid simultaneous A/D converters. Solid state power meters. Home energy monitoring. DNA computing.

Tech Musings #119 MUSE119.PDF (November 1997)
Miracle motor suppressed! Handheld data acquisition resources. A useful hydrogen book. Thoughts on electrolysis. Reactance limiting concepts. Web FM radio search service.

Tech Musings #121 MUSE121.PDF (February 1998)
FM Wireless Broadcasters. The Radio Shack 12-2051. Surplus and auction update. A homopolar traction motor. A new power measurement chip. Understanding the Faraday Disk. Cool cars.

Tech Musings #94 MUSE94.PDF ( November 1995 )
Important EE Internet sites, pseudoscience strikes again, a new MIDI electronic music book, Basic Stamp II microcomputer, a collection of microcomputer startup resources.

Hardware Hacker #87 HACK87.PDF (April 1995 )
AC motor drive fundamentals. New Basic Stamps from Parallax. PIC Microcomputer resources. Additional details on forced zero magic sinewaves. Dealing with "too good to be true" results...

Tech Musings #117 MUSE117.PDF (October 1997 )
Real PostScript for PIC Robotics. Shattering homopolar machinery myths. Six clicks to display PostScript. Motor and generator intro and fundamentals. Melody IC's and sound modules.

Hardware Hacker #77 HACK77.PDF (June 1994 )
Thermodynamic Second Law violations. Soliton waves, references, and resources. Superb CD ROM directory. Santa Claus machines review and update. Some hacker opportunities

Hardware Hacker #86 HACK86.PDF (March 1995 )
The DNA computer language. Some wavelet book resources.[9/30/2009 11:08:45 AM]

"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

Magic digital sinewave codes. Engineering economics review. Hot new fringe FM RBDS tuner.

Hardware Hacker #82 HACK82.PDF (November 1994 )
Cyborg cosimano helmets, long range remote control, unique direct toner decals, Powerful new PIC software, "virtual ways"CAM machine, pseudoscience resources, FCC periodic regs, more.. ..

RMS current & voltage finder FINDRMS.PS
A PostScript utility to find the rms and average values of any complex waveform. Especially triac phase controls. Also investigates recent outrageous lighting efficiency claims

Tech Musings #111 MUSE111.PDF (April 1997 )
Evaluating energy claims. the CIE Chromaticity diagram. Superb digital video book. Understanding color spaces. Innovative auto electronics. A new current monitor. A skeleton for your closet.

Pseudoscience Books:
Demon-Haunted World : Science As a Candle in... ( Carl Sagan ) Encounters With the Paranormal : Science, Know... ( Ken Frazier) Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience ( William F. Williams ) Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries : Science and Pseud... ( Ken Feder ) Galileo's Revenge : Junk Science in the Courtroom ( Peter Huber ) The Hundredth Monkey : And Other Paradigms of... ( Ken Frazier ) Junk Science Judo : Self-Defense AgainstHealth ... ( Steven J. Milloy ) Logic and Methodology of Science & Pseudoscience ( Fred Wilson ) Pseudoscience and the Paranormal : A Critical Exa... ( Terence Hines ) Quantum Leaps in the Wrong Direction ( Charles M. Wynn ) Sanctified Snake Oil: The Effect of Junk Science... ( Susan Sarnoff ) Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus ( Martin Gardner ) Science or Pseudoscience : Magnetic Healing,... ( Henry H. Bauer ) Science Versus Pseudoscience ( Nathan Aaseng ) Weird Water and Fuzzy Logic ( Martin Gardner ) Why People Believe Weird Things : Pseudo... ( Shermer & Gould )


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bit.listserv.skeptic sci.skeptic


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"Guru's Lair: Pseudoscience Bashing Library"

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