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Social Networking and Web Communications

 Susan Van Norman PHN
Description: 147 million people use the internet, 57 million read blogs and 12 million keep their own blog. Some 74% of internet users (55% of the entire adult population) went online 2008 to get involved in the political process or to get news and information about the election. On April 22-May 4 the CDC received: 1.2 million views of flu-related material on YouTube, 46.6 million Web-page views, and, Attracted 99,000 followers on its Twitter feed.
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Exploring Web Communications

Susan Van Norman PHN

"To restore America's competitiveness, we must recruit a new generation of science and technology leaders by investing in diversity." "As audiences continually fragment into smaller, self-defined groups, communicating with them will mean working across multiple platforms."
President Barack Obama

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