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Investment Strategies in SMEs

 Patrick Lin
Description: There were 1.24 million SMEs in Taiwan in 2006, which is 97.77% of all businesses in Taiwan. This figure represented a yearly growth rate of 1.47%. Sales Revenue was worth NT$10 trillion (US$0.303 trillion), which accounted for 29.84% of overall corporate revenue value. This represented a yearly growth rate of 2.41%. Among SMEs, the three most widespread organizational types in 2006 were: the sole proprietorship 58.33%, the limited corporation 27.43%, and the corporation limited by shares9.32%.
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Venture Capital for SMEs Taiwan Experience

By: Patrick Lin Trinity Investment Corp.

The Development of SMEs in Taiwan Taiwan Government's Strategies in SMEs The Development of Taiwan's Venture Capital Industry

The Development of SMEs in Taiwan

The SMEs' Contribution in Taiwan
GDP & government's tax revenue Added value � more industrial dynamics, e.g. less affected by the ... See more

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