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Side-channel Attacks: Spying Techniques

 Michael Backes, Markus D¨urmuth, and Dominique Unruh
Description: Side-channel attacks are a particularly salient approach for spying on confidential data. As early as in 1985, electrical emanations of CRT screens were successfully exploited to reconstruct the screen’s content from a distance. This attack was further refined in diverse variations of different levels of sophistication, e.g., emanations from the cable connecting an LCD screen to the computer were successfully abused to recover the content of the screen.
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Displays
Compromising Reflections � or � How to Read LCD Monitors Around the Corner
Michael Backes Saarland University and Max Planck Institute for Software Systems Saarbr�cken, Germany u backes@cs.uni-sb.de Abstract
We present a novel eavesdropping technique for spying at a distance on data that is displayed on an arbitrary computer screen, including the currently preva ... See more

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